High season: mid-March through late October
Winter rest: early November through mid-March

Respecting the watering cycles and the dry periods is of the utmost importance for succulents. Put them out in your garden, on your terrace or balcony whenever you can, provided there is no snow or frost on the ground ! In this way they can benefit from nature’s elements - natural sunlight, air and water - allowing for proper growth.

Exposition : Succulents need lots of light. They should sit near windows in order to benefit from the ultra-violet rays necessary for their growth.

Succulents are able to store a large amount of water and can go without watering for long stretches of time. However, excessive amounts of water damage the plant’s root system and can lead to its demise.

Watering via soakingthe pots are placed in several centimeters of water so as to allow the water to slowly reach the plant’s substrate via capillary action. As soon as the substrate is completely wet, the plant may be removed and drained. Water ought not stagnate; do not put the pot on a saucer that retains water.

Watering using a watering canuse this technique for plants in pots with solid bottoms and for plants that are too large to move to a basin for soaking. This method is rather delicate as it requires one to administer small quantities of water, repeatedly, to allow the water to disperse uniformly in the substrate.

Outdoorssucculents should be cared for according to the rhythm of the seasons. Watering must take into account that which the plant receives naturally from rain. Euphorbia should sit in the shade and brought indoors once the temperature drops below 8°C / 46° F

Important : the roots must be completely dry in between two waterings.

Care tips according to pot size, in centimeters